Diabetes care
for every American

Access to diabetes care is not equal for all Americans.

Leya Health clinics empower everyday Americans to manage their diabetes by providing them an integrated clinic with access to every diabetes health service they need - from medications to specialty physicians.

The burden of diabetes falls heavily on everyday, working class Americans

0 Million

people in the US suffer from diabetes

$0 Billion

spent in direct medical costs on diabetes every year


of people with type 2 diabetes are obese or overweight


deaths from diabetes annually, more than breast cancer and AIDS combined

Our mission is to provide patients access to every health service needed to manage diabetes

Leya Health clinics provide a complete suite of diabetes management services, all in one convenient location


Patients can consult with a full suite of physicians - from primary care to endocrinologists

Labs and Diagnostics

Access a full panel of blood and other laboratory or diagnostic examinations


Always leave with the medication you need to begin your treatment


Consult with any counselor, from behavior therapy to nutritional therapy

The first one-stop clinic for diabetes care

Leya Health clinics take an innovative approach to diabetes care.

We understand that many factors prevent people from making appointments, picking up medication, or following treatments. We’ve created a new integrated clinic to provide everything you need to manage your diabetes in one convenient location.

Integrated Clinical Team

Leya clinics provide patients access to every physician or therapist you’ll need to manage your diabetes: from endocrinologists and nutritionists to ophthalmologists and psychologists

Patient Management and Risk Identification

Our proprietary patient management software streamlines check-ins, follow ups, patient communication, and patient risk stratification - so we know every health need of our patients - before, during, and after appointments

In Person or At Home

Convenience and access are the highest priorities at Leya Health. We’ve made most of our services available both in person and at home, to make sure you can access care regardless of where you are

On-Site Medication

Picking up medication after an appointment isn’t easy. We just made it easy. Every Leya clinic offers in office medication dispensing, so you don’t need to go anywhere else for the most important part of your diabetes care!

Eliminating Barriers

Our goal at Leya is to increase access to care - eliminating one barrier at a time. We’ve started by making our services available to patients all in one place and wherever they are, we promise to always work to strong new barriers to care!

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